This is a project I am going to start on this weekend. It is still very chilly and icy here in Boston but nothing says spring like repotting plants.

You can find old tea pots and kettles at the Salvation Army, thrift stores and consignment shops (with home good items). Another great source are places like TJMAXX, Home Goods, etc. ALWAYS check out the clearence shevles for chipped or miss match goodies - you can bargin with the store manager for a cheaper price.

1. get good potting soil

2. get a handful of small rocks

3. get a smaller to med size plant - you know the ones I mean…in a hideous plastic planter.

Put rocks in first (make sure your tea pot has a hole in the bottom or else you will have rotting roots) (no hole …carefully make one with a drill). Add potting soil under halfway, add plant and spoon dirt in around plant. Gently push down with hand to pack in soil. Soil should be at top of teapot.

Water. Place in a sunny but not directly in sun, spot. Sing to it weekly (Optional)

How to check to see if your plant needs water? Press your finger in dirt and lift - if dirt is stuck to finger - no need to water.