This is great for the Fall season. I am always mucking around during the weekend and the dirt clings to my shoes. I am thinking you can use gravel too. Gravel might have better “sticking” power due to the texture. I am going to recycle a tray I bought for a party - I will never use this tray again, it is too specific to the theme of that party. This craft is a great way to repurpose that tray.


DIY - River Rock Boot Tray

After unsuccessfully searching for a cheap tray to put my shoes (from this tutorial), I came across an old tray at an estate sale this past weekend and decided to salvage it. 

Materials needed:
1. Old tray 
2. Spray Paint (I used Ace Purple Gloss)
3. Rocks (I bought 3 bags of small pebbles at IKEA)

Make sure you clean off all the old dirt for the tray before spray painting. Then, spray the tray surface. Depending on color, you may need more than one coat of spray paint, but shouldn’t need more than two. Let the paint dry for about an hour, lay down rocks in bed of tray, and you’re ready to place your dirty shoes on the tray. 

Project estimate: $5