They sell these at craft fairs in the Fall.  It is really a fun little inexpensive way to dress up hot chocolate, espresso…yum!

An easy way to make them: take a plastic spoon dip in melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Put them in fridge until set. You can use any type of chocolate. Wrap in plastic and tie off with ribbon.


A little chocolate with your espresso?

When I visited Barcelona, the coffee shop we frequented most often served little pieces of semi-sweet chocolate with their café con leche. It may be common practice in that part of the world to serve espresso this way, but it was new to me. I seriously loved the taste of the espresso once the chocolate had melted in. So a couple of days ago I dipped a few of my antique, silver souvenir spoons in melted chocolate. After they had cooled on parchment paper for a half an hour I went back and decorated a few. What I ended up with was better than I imagined it would be.

This would be a great gift for a bride or as an upscale hostess gift. You can still find some of the less-elaborate sterling silver spoons at an affordable price, and chocolate’s not expensive. Along with a pretty coffee mug or tea cup tied up in a satin ribbon, it would make a really special, unique gift. Alternatively, plastic spoons dipped in chocolate could be just as fun and you could make lots and lots of gifts or party favors!

To see more of my chocolate-dipped sterling silver spoons, go here.