love, love, love, love! I use to roller skate all the time. We loved using crazy colored laces. I wish I knew about glitter back then!


Remember when createartandriot asked me about what to do with roller skates here?:

I have this set of roller skates that my roommate and I found while thrifting and we really want to find a way to decorate with them in our apartment. We just can’t think of a clever way. We were thinking making them into side table lamps or flower pots but neither idea really stuck with us. Ideas? Thoughts?
Donatella from inspiration & realisation suggested attaching them to a stool and emailed me the top photo from Curbly - the skateboard wheels book cubby here.
taylorhiccupsma-jolie-coeurbanannaslug-e-a-t-h-e-r-m-o-u-t-h, and almostandrea all answered bookends. Well now there is a DIY (bottom photo) for Glitter Roller Skates with Pom Poms Bookends from Naughty Secretary Club here.

(via craftandburn)